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How E-LITE works:

E-ITE electronic cigarettes are nonflammable electronic atomizing devices that

look like, feel like, and taste like a real cigarette and perform the same pleasure of

smoking a traditional cigarette by giving nicotine in your body which smokers crave, but

without the harmful effects of a traditional cigarette. They can be smoked anywhere as

they do not contain tobacco and are not banned under the new smoking laws.

Cartridges contain nicotine, water, and propylene glycol, an ingredient

commonly found in items such as food coloring. By fulfilling ones nicotine requirement

and giving the same hit as smoking one can gradually quit smoking altogether.

Who is a suitable user?

Smokers who want to smoke anywhere

People who work in no smoking environments and are smokers.

Smokers who want to indulge in their habits without the harmful effects.

Suitable for smokers who are over 18 years of age.

Who should not use it?

People who do not have a habit of smoking.

People who are sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredient inhaled.

People under the age of 18

Pregnant and breast feeding mothers.

It does not burn, and has no danger of catching fire, and can be used in many places

where smoking is forbidden, such as gas stations.

The fog produced is actually atomized soluble collagen, and it does not produce

second hand smoke, which harm the environment and people around us. E-LITE can

be used in public, where smoking is banned such as market, underground, railway

station, and bus stop.

E-LITE pack contains enough battery power to charge the battery five times in the elite

pack so it is not necessary to carry a power plug while on the move. Simply

charge the e-lite pack when power goes low.

Quick start guide:

1. Atomized device

2. Battery

3. Cartridge

Step1: pull out of the atomized device.

Step2: take out the battery

Step3: connect the atomizer to the battery and push cartridge in the atomizer so it's

ready to be smoked now.

Step4: When E-lite is low on power no smoke will emit from it, to recharge, simply

remove the atomized device and insert the battery into the e pack. Charging will

take approximately 30 minutes.

Step6: when a cartridge is finished no smoke will emit from it. To replace a new

cartridge pull out the old one. Remove the foil from the new cartridge and insert in

the atomizer (see step5)


Led direction

Alarm show


When inhaling


Smog produces


phenomenon, No


After exhaling RED LED TURNS OFF No smog produces

Inhaling more than

5 seconds






The circuit does not

work, the smog


Battery assembly

just attaches to the

power and begins

to charge.

Green led does not

twinkle any longer.

The battery voltage

is lower than 3.3v

The battery needs



When smoking, the led light

turns red but there is no

Smoke produces

1) check if the battery assembly and atomizer are screwed correctly

2) Check if there is cartridge in the atomizer or replace with new


The amount of smoke


Change new cartridge

The amount of smoke is less then fully charges the battery.

By following step 1 and 2 and still smoke is less clean your atomizer or replace with new

When smoking right, liquid


1) keep the E-cigarette straight or downward

2) remove the cartridge from the atomizer, and blast the freeze

inside liquid out from the small hole of the nozzle


It is a battery operated, rechargeable cigarette.

You can charge it any where any time if you have the E-LITE pack.

E-LITE PACK is a packet just like a cigarette box but it charges the cigarette without plugging it in the switch, all you have to do is charge it at night just like your mobile phones.

It is designed for people who want to quit smoking while smoking.

They can quit smoking while smoking.

This cigarette does not have TOBACCO, TAR, CARBON OXIDE and those 4000 chemical substances a normal cigarette has.

This cigarette can be smoked anywhere because it does not effect the environment because its smokes vaporizes very fast and does not give a chance for second hand smoke.

It only has nicotine to satisfy a smoker but that can also be customized (we have low and zero nicotine.)

We offer 10 different flavors

What are the advantages?

It gives the same feel without the harmful affects
No need for lighter
You can smoke any where any time
It helps you to quit smoking while giving you the satisfaction of smoking
It is rechargeable
You can charge it anywhere without the wire, with the E-PACK.
No burning and flaming
No second hand smoke
Easy to carry
Full fills your nicotine requirement
1 cartridge is 20 cigarettes and there would be 5 free cartridges with the starter kit means 100 cigarettes
No odor
When a cartridge is replaced the mouth piece is replaced automatically (*hygiene)

E-Lite Pack Charger
2 Re-Chargeable Batteries
4 Cartridges
1 Charger
1 Atomizer
1 User Manual