Sinbo Heater SFH 3317

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Moreover, thanks to the built-in fan energy consumption with less heat to be dispersed in the best way we can perform.

Feel the temperature in your home and your workplace.

To warm in the cold winter, you can use them to cool off on hot summer days.

You can move easily from place to place.

2-Stage heating: 1000W/2000W
If you wish, you can run the fan are direct.

Adjustable thermostat control

Thermal automatic circuit breaker

Overheat protection

Security insurance

Convenient carrying handle


Height: 27.5 cm
Width: 23 cm
Thickness: 15.5 cm
Fan Diameter: 15 cm
Cable length: 180 cm


- Heating area up to 20 sqm
- 2 level temperature
- Power 1000 W / 2000 W
- Adjustable thermostat
- Overheat protection
- Operation indicator
- Function: cold air